Seyedeh Haniyeh Mortazavi

Clinical manager, Surgical Neurophysiologist, Pain researcher

“Hani” Seyedeh Haniyeh Mortazavi works in both Australia and her home country of Iran as a neuromonitroing specialist. Harnessing her strong background in radiology and as an A&P educator, Hani provides intraoperative neuromonitoring services, deep brain stimulation microelectrode recording navigation for Parkinson’s patient treatment and has a zest for research. She is also a talented writer, and is working on a series of parables in the “Once upon a time” theme to serve as teachable stories for the neuromonitoring community.

Check back in the near future as we hope to share some of her work!

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  1. It took some time and patience to work through logistical challenges in order to make this interview happen, as Hani was in Terhan, Iran at the time. Grateful that Hani was patient through the process, and I look forward to collaborating with her on neuromonitoring stories in the future!

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