Neuro Pathway

with Zachary Mandler, CEO| EEGXperts & Neuro Pathway

Zachary Mandler is CEO of Neuro Pathway, a company whose website states their mission is to “Empower Neurodiagnostic Professionals and help them achieve their career aspirations through our resources, education and support”.

Why is the rise of companies such as Neuro Pathway a strong indicator of strong future for Neurodiagnostics?

Think of bioindicators such as a Mayfly (weird and slightly nerdy analogy for those who didn’t have an ecology course in college, I know, but bear with me on this).  

Mayflies, which have a very limited lifespan as adults (something like 24 hours, feel free to fact check me on that) are very sensitive to oxygen levels in moving water, such as rivers. 

So, experts know, once you see a rise in the mayfly population, this is a good indicator that the water ecosystem is becoming healthier and more productive.  The rise of Neuro Pathway and similar groups can be a sign of healthy growth and demand in the neurodiagnostic ecosystem.

…And I daresay they will last a lot longer than 24 hours.

mayfly image from Wikipedia;

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