Lauren Feltz, IntraOp Solutions

Lauren Feltz, CNIM, CAA understands both sides and the neuromonitoring and anesthesia equation. She and her husband Carl helm the IntraOp Solutions neuromonitoring staffing and consulting group,

Burnout. Understaffing. Conflict with anesthesia providers. These are some of the challenges neuromonitoring professionals face every day. But there are solutions. IntraOp Solutions, to be exact. Lauren Feltz, co-owner of the IntraOp Solutions staffing and consulting group joins us to discuss how they help create opportunity for neuromonitoring companies, and also their excellent anesthesia course for neuromonitoring professionals.

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  1. Scott Davis

    Great episode. Lauren is fantastic. Interesting dialogue about IOM schools vs company education. This question has been with us forever and getting it right is going to be cruicial

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