Jared Beckwith, R. EEG T

The IONM4LIFE Interview with Jared Beckwith
Jared Beckwith, R. EEG T presents at the 2022 ASET conference in Louisville, KY. Jared is an EEG technologist in Florida who founded AiON, a company driving innovation in EEG software.
Jared Beckwith scouts out the 2022 ASET conference the night before his big day.
Jared Beckwith shares the triumphs and challenges of EEG software innovation as a startup company.
Jared Beckwith, founder of AiON, has documented his career journey in EEG with entertaining and informative content.

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  1. I can only imagine the value that voice-activated annotation to data would have in the operating room during troubleshooting, tap tests, etc. I can only hope something like this takes flight in IONM!

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