John Ingram – Neuromonitoring Recruiter

John Ingram – Vice President and Managing Partner of United Human Resources. He talks about the neuromonitoring hiring game with the IONM4LIFE podcast. How can both neuromonitoring companies and candidates win?

An Interview with Shakira Tassone BS, CNIM, R.EEGT, CHCA

Shakira is a senior neurophysiologist and market development coordinator. The IONM4LIFE podcast is highlighting her inspirational social media posts on topics covering both leadership and training in the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring.


For the Week of 8-15-22 Double Feature Week! Join us for a discussion with Shakira Tassone, BS, CNIM, R.EEGT, CHCA about her inspiring messages for healthcare leaders on Wednesday. Then on Friday, hear from Vice-President of United Human Resources (UHR) John Ingram as he discusses his talent acquisition experiences in neuromonitoring, the value of talent …