Mark Sanders Memorial Essay Contest

Announcing the Mark Sanders Memorial Essay Contest and Prizes!

The IONM4LIFE Project believes effective mentorship is the lynchpin between a solid educational program and well-developed talent in our field. Mark Sanders was an educator based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who was directly involved in the training of countless neuromonitoring professionals, many of whom went on to high levels of success in our field and other areas of healthcare.

Mark provided significant one-on-one training and lead study groups for CNIM prep years before there were widespread resources available online. He had painstakingly curated a collection of documents and resources which he freely shared with any student of the field preparing for the exam.

Though Mark touched countless lives, he left us much too soon, and is missed by many friends and coworkers to this day. The example he set sowed a harvest for intraoperative neuromonitoring for decades to come, and the spirit of his mentorship lives on in numerous educational programs directly influenced by his training.

To honor Mark Sanders and mentors like him, The IONM4LIFE Project is calling for essays from anyone in the neuromonitoring field, answering the following question:

Who is YOUR mentor in neuromonitoring, and what unique teaching style made them impactful in your career?

First prize is $150 good toward any END educational expense (including book purchases, conference expenses, and online courses).

2nd and 3rd place will receive IONM4LIFE swag to be announced later

Contest Details:

500-1500 words max

Please submit as a pdf

Please maintain patient confidentiality and keep all submissions HIPAA compliant

Email all submissions to

Deadline April 14th

Winner will be announced during Neurodiagnostic Week

Questions? Email us at

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